Data Update: Residential Foreclosures in Grand Rapids and Kent County, Michigan, January - June 2008

Narrative: In a report released earlier this year, the Community Research Institute presented findings from an analysis of foreclosure trends in Kent County from 2004 through 2007. Findings illustrated a dramatic increase in foreclosures across the county over the course of that time period. In this Data Update, we present updated figures for the period from January through June, 2008 for all Kent County cities, villages and townships as well as for neighborhoods within the city of Grand Rapids.

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Description: This is a Data Update from a report released earlier this year title "Sold Short: Residential Foreclosures in Kent County, 2004-2007." We present updated figures for the period from January 2008 through June, 2008.
Added/Updated: 11/25/2008
Timeframe: 1/1/2004 to 6/30/2008
Source: Kent County Bureau of Equalization
Author: Community Research Institute - Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Data Provider: Kent County
Data Series:
Original release date:
Universe: Recorded deed transactions on properties that had at least one sheriff's deed recorded for a foreclosure
Tags: Housing, residential, foreclosures, foreclosed, affordable housing, homeowership, affordability

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