Teens Not in School in West Michigan, Michigan, and the United States, 2005-2007

YearUnited StatesMichiganWest MichiganAlleganKentMuskegonOttawaF13
Population 16 to 1920051527121853983673094(-)32754 (-)    
Number of Teens not in School20051114301352404922(-)2117 (-)    
Percent of Teens Not in School20057.36.56.7(-)6.5 (-)    
Population 16 to 1920061735560360259981048(-)354551102218520    
Number of Teens not in School20061149741363324027(-)1624614926    
Teens Not in School20066.626.034.97(-)4.585.575.00    
Population 16 to 1920071757872360644179060(-)343449666(-)    
Number of Teens not in School20071171667329063797(-)1933596(-)    
Teens Not in School20076.675.434.8(-)5.636.17(-)    

Narrative: An alternative measure for estimating high school dropouts. It calculates the percent of youth aged 16-19 not enrolled in school and not a high school graduate. Data are limited to the household population and exclude the population living in institution

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Description: Teens not in school as a percentage of persons aged 16-19 years in 2005-2007. West Michigan refers to the Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland Combined Statistical Area (CSA) defined by the Office of Management and Budget as of 6/6/2003. It includes seven counties:
Added/Updated: 2/10/2009
Timeframe: 8/1/2005 to 8/1/2007
Source: American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau
Author: CRI--Community Research Institute
Data Provider: U.S. Census Bureau
Data Series: American Community Survey 2005-2007
Original release date: 08/2006
Universe: Population 16 to 19 years
Tags: education, schools

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