Search Tips

Automatic "AND"

By default, only search results that include all your search keywords are displayed. There is no need to include "AND" between words.

Exact Phrases

If you want results that include an exact phrase, put "quote" marks around your search phrase.

    EX: "Grand Rapids"

Excluding terms

If there are certian words related to your search that you would like to keep out, you can put a minus "-" sign in front of it.

    EX: Education -Adolescents

Note: this will only affect words with a space before the minus. This does not affect hyphenated words. EX: "2004-2005" 2005 will not be excluded.

Search Operators

You can further refine your search by using our operators with your search terms.

geo: Want to search within a specific geography? Add "geo:" infront of your geography to refine your results to that area.

EX: geo:Michigan | geo:"Grand Rapids"
source: Use "source:" to get results that only come from a spcific source of data.

EX: source:"U.S. Census"
type: Want only map or chart results? Use the "type:" operator to get the format you want. Choose from map, table, chart, publication.

EX: type:map
year: Want data that covers a specific year? Use the "year:" operator to get results that contain data on a specific year.

EX: year:2006